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Roof Blow/Sweep

worker installs the gutter system on the roof

Gutter debris build-up is most commonly enhance by an unclean roof. Wind and inclement weather can cause leaves, twigs and other such material to build up on your roof; most likely without you even knowing it’s happening. This build-up can cause serious problems for your gutters. As the leaves and twigs slide down your roof, they collect in your gutters, causing blockages and draining issues. The weight of collected leaves and bulkiness of twigs can cause gutters to fail, crack, twist and leak. But, without roof blow and sweeps, we can ensure that debris build-up on your roof is a thing of the past.

Roof Blow

A roof blow is a simply, yet effective way to clear your roof of leaves, twigs and other light debris. This solutions usually works best if the debris on your roof is dry, such as in the spring and summer months. We use a powered leaf-blower, which is completely safe for the integrity of your roof, to gently push debris to a collection point on the ground. In this way, we are able to rake up the debris and safely remove it.

Roof Sweep

A roof sweep is a bit tougher on the roof and is generally used for when the debris present is wet and difficult to remove by means of a simple roof blow. With sweeping, we use a non-damaging broom to, literally, sweep your roofing clean. Because the broom is actually making contact with the surface of your roof, it is able to push debris that is sticking to your shingles. A roof sweep is an ideal way to make sure that wet debris, which can cause major problems, does not make its way down to your gutters.

Roof Safety

The roof over your head is intended to keep you and your family safe. We all count on our roofs to keep the elements off of us; never really putting much thought in to the fact that roofs, like anything else, can fail if not properly taken care of. Our roof blows and sweeps are primarily meant to keep your gutters functioning like new, but an added benefit is that they also help to maintain the structural integrity of your roof. While we recommend an actual roof cleaning every now and then, our blows and sweeping can help to keep your roof as good as new.

Best Times for Service

The best time to clean your roof depends on what you are having us do. A roof blow is ideal in dryer months, when non wet material is collection on your roof. The blower can easily move dry material off your roof and away from your gutters, ensuring the safety of both. In wet months, when the debris on your roof is sopping wet, heavy and sticking to your shingles, we recommend roof sweeping, as this method is best at eliminating heavy debris. Either option is a great choice, and ultimately the decision is up to you!