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Gutter Guard Installation

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A gutter guard is a great idea if you live in a location with a high amount of trees or inclement weather. Gutter guards and covers are designed to act as a filter, covering your gutter, so as to block traveling debris from entering your gutters by means of your roof. These guards effectively block debris, without inhibiting the flow of water off your roof and away from your house. Another added benefits of gutter guards is that they reduce the amount of cleaning needed for your gutters; keeping in mind that cleaning is still necessary, just at less frequent intervals.

Brush Guards

Brush gutter guards are made up of hundreds of bristles, all placed together. They resemble pip cleaners and they fit nicely directly inside your gutters.The bristles on these guards are placed upright, which allows leaves and other small debris to be trapped in them, while effectively allowing water to flow through them and down your gutter system. The biggest pro of these guards is that they are incredibly cost-effective and easy to install. They don’t, however, trap all kinds of debris, which can be bad in certain locations.

Foam Guards

Foam gutter guards are customer made pieces of foam that sit directly inside your gutters. Because the foam sits flush between your gutter and roof, these guards effected block debris from being able to enter, and sit inside, your gutters. But, because the foam is porous, it allows water to pass through and away from your home. Like brush guards, foam is relatively cheap and simple to install, with the downside being that these types of guards require extra maintenance and cleaning, as seedlings can attach to them and start to grow if not taken care of.

Surface Tension Guards

Surface tension (or reverse curve) guards are meant to keep water and debris constantly moving  down and off your roof. These guards effectively cover your gutter, leaving a very small gap for rainwater to fall in to your gutter, but not big enough to that any sort of debris can collect. These guards, while not as cost effective as brush and foam guards, are a much better option as they do a very good job of keeping all manner of debris out of your gutters and they do not need to be maintained or cleaned as regularly to keep functioning properly.

Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh gutters guards are the best possible type of guards there are. These guards are typically made of stainless steel and contain tiny holes that do an incredibly good job of keeping all manner of debris out, while letting rain water easily pass through. These types of guards have been named as the best in the world and are a fantastic option for people who do not want to constantly maintain and clean their guards. We recommend micro mesh gutter guards to all of our clients, but offer numerous other options for any kind of budget and need.